Disable Opt-in Gate in Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder always comes in handy when you want to collect more information about your users. It allows you to categorize users by category, by score and by percentage points. In addition, it has an opt-in gate that allows you to collect the users name and email before showing them their results. In case you already have their emails, you may want to disable the opt-in gate.

By and large, submitting your email twice in a span of 5 minutes can be annoying. This is particularly true when you just subscribe or log-in on one page, and find another opt-in gate on a different page. Thrive quiz builder thought about that already. It has an easy way to disable the opt-in gate for logged in users and enable it for users who aren't logged in. 

For the most part, after disabling the opt-in gate, you won't have to worry about displaying multiple opt-ins. I will walk you through the process of enabling the conditional opt-in gate.

Firstly, navigate to the quiz you want to edit. Under quiz structure, click the manage button in the opt-in gate section. This will take you to the opt-in gate settings page where the first checkbox will enable the conditional opt-in gate.

In addition, the second check box allows you to create a profile for each logged-in user. This is a great feature because it lets you see their answers and results. A user profile comes in handy within Thrive Apprentice Quiz where student progress may be important to you.

Check out this article on how to add a quiz to Thrive Apprentice. 

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