Add a Dynamic Post Intro Section in Thrive Theme Builder

Wouldn't it be great if you could include a dynamic post intro or summary just above the fold on your blog post to hook readers and have them curious to read your full article? Well there is a way to do that in Thrive Architect that is simple though not as straightforward as it seems.

Creating a Child Theme

Before you start, I recommend creating a child theme and editing the child theme, instead of the parent theme. This is because any new updates to the theme will wipe away any edits you make on the parent theme. If you use a child theme, updates on the parent theme will still apply to the theme without wiping away your custom additions.

To download the Thrive theme builder child theme, click here then install and activate it as you would any other theme. 

Add Code in Child Theme

Once that's done, go to appearance >> Theme Editor, and add this line of code to the functions.php file of the child theme:

add_shortcode( 'output_post_excerpt', 'get_the_excerpt' );

Add Shortcode to Post Template

You'll now need to insert the shortcode wherever you want to display the post summary. Insert the shortcode in the post template so that the post excerpt section can apply universally to all blog posts. If you add it to a single post, it will only display for that post.

Add a text element to the post template and copy and paste in the shortcode.


No need to do any text styling as it will automatically inherit the typography you set for the theme.

Add Excerpt to Post

You can now go ahead and add an excerpt in the post editor. To find add an excerpt to a post, go to posts and click on the post you want to edit. Finally scroll down the right sidebar till you get to the excerpt tab. 

Add your post summary and click update. That should now display on your post as the dynamic post intro.

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