How to Add a Quiz in Thrive Apprentice

As a course creator, quizzing your students is a great way to create engagement and also track your students' progress as they take your course. In this article, I will give you a step by step guide on how to add a  quiz to Thrive Apprentice.

Create a Quiz

Within Thrive quiz Builder, create a quiz for your course. There are 3 different quiz types you could create:

1. A category quiz which assigns the user to a category based on their quiz answers
2. A percentage quiz where the final result is displayed as a percentage.
3. A score quiz where the final result is displayed as a number
4. A right/wrong quiz where the you can have one or more correct answers.
You can set it up such that students are only allowed to proceed with the next module of the course only after achieving a certain minimum percentage or score.

Add the Quiz to a Thrive Apprentice Lesson

Once the quiz is ready, go into the course in Thrive Apprentice, hover over the lesson you'd like to add the quiz to then click 'add content'. This opens the lesson builder page. In the elements tool bar on the right, select the quiz element and drag and drop it into the lesson content area.

Edit the Quiz settings

 You will now see the quiz tool bar on the left. There you can choose the quiz you want to display. You can also save the users quiz progress if you want them to be able to come back to the same page and resume their progress.

You can also open the apprentice options section where you can enable mark as complete when the user completes the quiz or when the user achieves a certain minimum percentage.

Locking Content

In many cases, you may want to lock content until a user complete a quiz or until they achieve a certain minimum percentage. To do so, go back to the course dashboard and click on the Drip tab. Here create a drip from scratch and select the user purchases product event and use custom unlock conditions to unlock the content.

This new display all course content with unlock options. Go to the module or lesson you want to lock and click 'unlock'. In the popup, click add new rule and select 'thrive quiz result' as the new condition. Select the quiz you want to be completed, then select unlock, either when the quiz is completed or the user achieves a minimum percentage. then click save. 

Once that is done, you have a course within thrive apprentice that locks content until uses complete a selected quiz.

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