Make Your Sidebar Relevant to the Post Category

There are cases where you may want to display different sidebars for different blog posts. You may be interested in this if you have many different topics, and want each topic to have a sidebar that is relevant to the post topic. This way, you will make your sidebar relevant to the post category of that particular post.

In this article, I will walk you through the steps on how to create a a duplicate post template with its own sidebar and then assign it to a particular post.

Choose a Post Template

Firstly, go into thrive theme builder and in the templates section, choose a blog template that has a sidebar. To do that, go into the thrive theme builder and then click on the templates tab. Now click on the 'all templates' column to view all templates. Edit the template to match your preferences.

Duplicate the Post Template

Once that is done, you'll want to duplicate it and only change the sidebar section of the duplicates. That way the duplicates remain exactly the same as the original template except for the sidebar section.

To create a duplicate, click on the 3 little dots on the right side  to reveal more actions. Click duplicate and then give the duplicate a new name for example 'template with sidebarB'. This duplicate will have a different sidebar from the original.

Edit the Sidebar  in the Duplicate Template

You can now edit this duplicate and change its sidebar as well.

Assign the template to Posts

Once that is done, you now need to assign these templates to the posts. Go into the posts list and click on a post. on the right tool bar, scroll down to templates, then select the template you want to use for that post. do the same for all other posts.

see this navigation video to guide you through the steps above.

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