The Risks of an Outdated Theme

An outdated theme makes your site vulnerable to security threats since it provides a gateway for attacks to against your site. Update to the new Thrive Theme Builder and stay safe.

Outdated Thrive Themes

On June 1st, 2022, Thrive themes retired its old legacy themes and some of its plugins.  The retired themes are Focus Blog, Luxe, Ignition, Minus, Squared, Voice, Performag, Pressive, Storied and Rise. Click HERE to read about this from the Thrive themes Website.

What Does "Outdated" mean?

This means that as of June 1st 2022:

  • Old themes will not be visible in the Thrive Product Manager
  • There will be no more WordPress compatibility updates
  • Future security issues concerning these themes will no longer be addressed by Thrive Themes support team 
  • There will be no support for issues related to these themes

Why Update to the New Thrive Theme?

If you are still using any of these themes, it's time to update to the new Thrive Theme. Here's why.


An outdated Theme is a security risk to a website since it provides a gateway for hackers to access your site.


If left outdated long enough, over time, the theme will start losing compatibility with other newer plugins.


The new generation Thrive theme and Thrive Theme builder has great features you should take advantage of.

What Will Change After Updating to the New Theme?

It is crucial to know what a theme is responsible for on a site. These are the elements that will change after a theme switch.

A Theme is Responsible for:

  • Header & Footer
  • Blog list page & single post page
  • Category pages
  • 404 page
  • Comments section layout

These elements will need to be fixed or recreated after the theme switch.

A Theme is NOT responsible for:

  • Page content
  • Posts content
  • Layout of landing pages created using Thrive Architect

This means that after you do the switch your pages and posts content and urls will remain the same.

How to Update to the New Thrive Theme

If you don't want to get caught up in the tech stuff, you can reach out to me and get it done for you. If you are familiar with the process and want to do it yourself, I recommend update it on a staging site first to avoid affecting the live site.


  • It's a simple process that needs to be done correctly and observing best practises.
  • I have done numerous theme switches in my 5 years of working with Thrive
  • I handle all the tech stuff for you
  • You will not need to do a theme switch again for many years to come.
  • I'll do navigation videos (on request) to guide you to edit anything on the site
  • You can always reach out to me for future on-going edits and updates on the site.

or, drop me an email at and I will get back to you as soon as possible with a project scope and quote. 

What if You Don't Update?

If you don't update to the new Thrive Theme Builder, the themes will still continue to work on your site, but will not receive any new updates nor maintenance by the Thrive Themes developers.