Move to Thrive

The 2 phase process is designed to give you the smoothest transition to the Thrive platform. I ensure your content remains intact, while giving it the extra wow factor. After your website is done, I give you a few tips to help you edit your content on your own.


Backup all Content

I always run a backup on your site before starting any work on it. Switching a site theme is a major step, which calls for some precautionary measures, just to be safe. I use UpdraftPlus or whichever backup plugin you already have on your site to create a full-site backup for you.

Staging Site Setup

I do all development  and theme switch on a staging site so your current site remains live during development. This way, site downtime is reduced to the minimum.

Redesigning Site Pages

If you are also looking to improve the look and feel of your site, and give it an extra edge, I work with you to craft a new design that accommodates all your content while giving it a fresh new look.


Tracking Scripts

You probably use some sort of tracking or analytics tools on your current theme. To make sure your data keeps streaming in, I carry over all your tracking scripts and place them in the new theme.

Browser Testing

Once the new thrive themes is installed and activated, I do cross browser compatibility tests on Chrome, firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and Opera.

Plugin Compatibility

Most plugins adapt the current theme's styling and layour to display their output. So once the new thrive theme is activated, I do checks to ensure that all plugins are working fine and still well displayed with the new theme

Retiring Old Plugins

Many WordPress site owners have at least one plugin on their site which they haven't used in a year. If you have such plugins that you don't really need or use anymore, now would be a great time to get rid of them.

Going Live

Once all development, tests, reviews and approvals are done, the staging site, can then be pushed live and you have your new Thrive Themes site with all its goodies.


Leave me your name and email and I'll reach out to find out your project details and give you a quote that fits your specific needs.